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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a virus ?

There are a few signs that you may have a virus. 

1.  Your computer will run very slowwwww.
2.  Your anti-virus icon is missing next to the clock.
3.  There will be "unwanted" pictures appearing on your computer.
4.  Programs don't run the same or won't open.
5.  Computer or programs crashing.

Don't let a virus remain on your computer too long,
because it could cause you to lose files.

Contact us to setup an appointment to remove it.

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Screensaver or Wallpaper ?

This is probably one of the most confused items in Windows.

What is your screensaver and what is your wallpaper.

Your wallpaper is the picture you see on your main screen (desktop).

A screensaver is something that automatically runs after so many minutes
to prevent damage to your monitor screen (screensaver).

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How often should I run Defrag ?

First of all, you may be asking "What is Defrag?"

Defrag is a program in Windows that helps organize your computer
and make it run faster.

Defrag should be ran once every month or two.

To find Defrag, click on START, then ALL PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES,

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What can I do with my computer ?

1.  Make sure you install ALL of the Windows Updates. 

2.  Install a good anti-virus program.

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When is a good time to schedule a service call ?

You want to schedule a service call at the first sign of a problem  Don't wait until it gets really bad before you call.  If you wait too long, your computer might have to be reformatted and you could lose all of your information.  :-(

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"Our Success is Determined by Your Success" 

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L.A. Design & Computer Services is your place for affordable computer repair in the St. Louis, Missouri area.
We specialize in virus removal, spyware removal, tune-up, training, data recovery, software installation and consultation. 
We also do websites for only $299 ! ! !

NOTE:  $99 does not include parts.  Also, more extensive service may be higher
$299 websites are basic websites which include design, domain registration, 1 year hosting and publishing.